Thursday, 30 September 2010

Seriously? What a dildo.

Oh my I would punch her in the face. Stupid bitch.

Willy Bum Bum (NSFW)

If you don't want this in your life, you're the wrong person for this blog, get the hell out.

Dinner time DOG MAN, Eating meat in the dish (homen Cachorro comendo)

I don't know about you, i've either done a shitload of drugs i didn't know about, or this man has a dogs head.

At least he's honest....

See. I'm not this creepy. though it is a good idea...

Massive shunt

I'll never forget how massive this shunt was! Lucky to be alive.
Chris Van Der Drift. He's struggling to pay his medical bills, what with not being a British Citizen.


Honestly, I don't think you could ever predict what was going to happen at the end...



Look at this guy! He's so happy? Why can't we all be like that when we see a delicious strawberry?

Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Life is one big question when you’re staring at the clock  and the answer’s always waiting at the liquor store: 40 ounces to freedom, so I’ll take that walk.

There's something about this band... I could listen to them all day. They make me happy. Simple as, what more do you look for when listening to music, honestly?

Black Devil - Moscow Ride on R1

How this muthafucker didn't die i'll never know!


So, here I am... my first blog.

I'm not really sure where to start, there's not much I can say for now, except for a few things...

Some big changes are going on at the moment.
I've been out of work for too long, it's starting to piss me off, and i sense, my friends too :(
But things are looking up, although there's no jobs around where I'm living now, there's plenty in Kingston.
I've applied at Topman, will be going into HMV on Friday, and applied at the local wetherspoon.

I've also given my CV to my girlfriends dad, who will try and sort me something out.

Hopefully if all comes to fruition, I can move away, and begin to grow up. Which is something i've needed to do for far too long.